The new way to display punishments

Blueberry is a new, free, and open-source system that allows you to replace the default ROBLOX moderation methods (kicking the player out of the game) with a GUI similar to ROBLOX's website account warnings, temporary, and permanent bans.

Who are we?

We are Session 42 Studios - the developer of the Blueberry Moderation system. We aim to help all kind of developers, beginners and advanced, to take an innovative step forward into moderation UX.

Secured (Blueberry+)
Modern look
100% FREE and open-source

We choose to share Blueberry for free so that everyone can benefit of it. If you want to support us, join our Discord server below to help us grow.
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Available for everyone

Free and open-source, powered by love and determination. Everyone can use Blueberry.


Blueberry allows you to log everything, every action.


Blueberry is compatible with over 90% of the games.


You can import the source and edit anything you want.
Blueberry Classic
  • Easy to use and install
  • Moderation panel
  • API module
  • One-file

Blueberry Plus

  • Reserved place/server system
  • Moderation panel
  • API module
  • Two-files
  • Fully secure
  • Auto-updateable